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For the second residency period of 2023, Elise Hoebeke and Fleuri Ngapy are guests at the DIVA studio. They will engage in conversation and come to talk more about their work.   

Elise Hoebeke  

Elise Hoebeke is interested in a world where space, objects and jewellery come together in a coherent way. She is looking for ways to connect space and architecture with jewellery. She sees the human body as a crucial link between these elements. Her work raises critical questions about established systems such as standardisation and mass production in contrast to art and craft. She also explores how we value various elements and objects in our daily lives. Within her work, she uses fiction and imagination as metaphor to explore new possibilities and escape from established standards.  

Fleuri Ngapy  

Fleuri La Belle Ngapy draws inspiration from mythologies, culture and movement. Her graduation collection called 'Embracing Black' is central to her journey to reconnect with her Congolese roots. She designs afrokam amulets and necklaces to highlight ancient Congolese cosmology while celebrating contemporary black pride and identity in the white Western world she lives in. 

Her amulets and necklaces translate spoken cosmology into material and spiritual rituals, encouraging the wearer to embrace their skin colour and African heritage. This work is the result of her research into what it means to be a person of colour, especially with African roots, in a white European society. Fleuri strives to explore decolonisation and postcolonialism in her practice, using her role as a designer with dual origins. 


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Book your free ticket for the DIVA talk on Thursday 19 October at 7.30pm in the museum's reading room. Doors open at 7pm.  

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Library reading room.  

Entrance: Kaasstraat 13, 2000 Antwerp  


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