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Three objects Sphere I, II and IV

2020 - 2021

Third Prize (Ebbe Weiss-Weingart Silver Prize)

“But as I work on them, the shape evolves in my hands. When I'm stressed, the wires become tighter, and when I'm relaxed, they become looser. So, I don't have a predetermined idea of what the final result will be.” – Maja Houtman

The Dutch jewellery designer and silversmith Maja Houtman (°1963) packs a punch with her fine, light and transparent silver creations, Sphere I, II and IV . The jury was impressed by the way Houtman used silver wire to create a flowing movement, which makes the objects light and so transparent that you can almost see through them. The textile structure of her ‘spheres’ demonstrates exceptional craftsmanship and mastery of the technique. Houtman usually works with silver wire that is several metres long, but these spheres were created during the lockdown, making use only of leftover pieces. The spheres Houtman creates take shape in the making, with chance and her mood playing an important role. When Houtman feels stressed, the wires become tighter, and when she is relaxed, looser. The works evolve in her hands into poetic and enchanting objects.

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