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Object Cosmic Bubbles

2022 - 2022

Second Prize (Robbe & Berking Prize)

“Silver offers endless possibilities for creativity. Moreover, compared to other metals like brass, copper or stainless steel, silver is a pleasure to work with. It's forgiving and user-friendly.” – David Huycke

The Belgian silversmith David Huycke (°1967) is known for his innovative interpretation of the granulation technique. This artisanal process involves fusing tiny metal spheres onto the surface of an object to create complex patterns and textures. In the case of this object, Huycke took a different approach, making larger, hollow balls, which resemble bubbles or grapes. While arranging and stacking the balls, he allowed chance to play a part and the piece grew almost organically. The chaotic composition perches on a black box from which it can be removed. Huycke is referencing the little sculptured Delftware boxes with fruit lids produced in the 18th century. So while the object has an affinity with the past, it is more than a sculpture; it is also functional. The jury was impressed by the execution of the technique Huycke used to enlarge the spheres. He likes to experiment and innovate with traditional techniques in his work, striving to achieve a balance between craftsmanship and poetry. So here the polished surface of the silver balls contrasts with the matt black surface of the silver base it is resting on. The spheres appear to be floating. The jury admired the sculptural impact the work makes. Does it look like an abstract sculpture to you?

Remember the name David Huycke. You will come across more of his work in the museum – in The Atelier.

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