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Bowl, Object Origin of Species

2021 - 2021

This silver dish in a wooden frame by Belgian silver and goldsmith Patrick Storme (°1960) was inspired by the undulating pattern on a 16th-century tazza – or shallow wine cup mounted on a foot – in DIVA’s collection. Storme’s Origin of Species is both decorative and functional. You can hang the dish on the wall in its wooden frame or you can take the dish out and use it, for example, as a presentation bowl. The undulating pattern reminds Storme of water and he describes the object as a silver water element. As Darwin propounded in his On the Origin of Species, life on earth began in small pools of water. The reflective silver combined with this pattern makes the environment dynamically reflect and 'alive' for the viewer's variable point of view.

For the past few years, Storme has specialized in embossing, the technique used to produce a raised pattern on a metal surface. He works on the outside of the object and forms the silver inwards with a hammer and punch.

Remember the name Patrick Storme. You will come across more of his work in the museum – in the Room of Wonder.

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