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Movers & shakers

Moving elements give objects that little extra something. They immediately attract attention and arouse fascination, particularly when the parts are decorated with precious stones or diamonds, which provides a dazzling spectacle whenever the wearer moves. A frequently used method introduced in the second half of the eighteenth century is the en tremblant technique where parts of jewels were mounted on a little spring to create movement in the jewel when worn.

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Windmill cup

1603 - 1604
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Demi-parure consisting of a brooch and earrings

1869 - 1877 - Dufour Arthur
Silver, Sapphire, Pearls, Gold, Diamond, Velvet
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Pendant with emerald cabochon

1850 - 1900
Gold, Silver, Diamond, Pearls, Emerald
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Three-part spray brooch

1880 - 1880
Silver, Gold, Diamond
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2000 - 2000 - Verheyden Daisy
Gold, Diamond
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Peacock brooch

1867 - 1867 - Baugrand Gustave
Gold, Pearls, Sapphire, Emerald, Ruby, Diamond
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Hair ornament in case

1701 - 1800
Gold, Diamond, Ruby, Saffiaan, Silver, Iron
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Part of a jewel

1850 - 1850
Silver, Diamond, Gold