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Versatile. That’s one way to describe these jewels which could be worn not in one but in two, and sometimes even in three different ways. That meant you only needed to invest in one new accessory which was of course easier on the wallet. It also took up less room in the jewelry box.

We found 8 objects
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Diadem with seven fan-shaped motifs

1830 - 1860
Diamond, Silver, Gold
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Pendant with emerald cabochon

1850 - 1900
Gold, Silver, Diamond, Pearls, Emerald
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Three-part spray brooch

1880 - 1880
Silver, Gold, Diamond
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1901 - 1910
Diamond, Platinum, Pearls
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Pendant/brooch with case

1910 - 1910
Gold, Diamond, Pearls, Satin, Cardboard, Leather
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Bean-shaped pendant

1920 - 1920
Diamond, White gold, Platinum
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Art Nouveau comb

1890 - 1910
Gold, Silver, Diamond, Ruby, Opal
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Bracelet / necklace

1860 - 1860
Gold, Enamel, Ruby, Diamond