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Men's jewelry

There have been times in history when men wore as much (or even more!) jewellery as women. Historically, men were the first to wear diamond jewellery, for example, representing invincibility and immortality! In recent years, the concept of 'masculinity' has become less significant and with it, the traditional boundaries between male and female fashion have become blurred. Although jewellery was usually seen as something feminine, we now see men experimenting with it more than ever!

We found 21 objects
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1834 - 1837 - Kooiman Jacob, van den Dool Hillebertus Hollart
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1863 - 1887 - Verroen Theodorus
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1750 - 1800
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Pocket watch

Glass, Silver
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Carnelian, Gold
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Signet ring

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Stickpin with jockey cap and etui

1832 - 1869
Gold, Jasper, Ruby
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Design for epaulets, a gold box and two sprigs of flowers

1770 - 1770 - Vander Cruycen Louis
Ink, Paper, Pencils
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Design for three buttons, a frame for a portrait miniature, two chatelaine jewels and a buckle, Ontwerptekening voor drie knopen, een houder voor een portret miniatuur, twee juwelen voor een chatelaine en een gesp

1770 - 1770 - Vander Cruycen Louis
Ink, Paper, Pencils
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Stickpin with fly and etui

1832 - 1869
Enamel (fused coating) , Gold, Lapis lazuli
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Stickpin with horsehead and etui

1832 - 1869
Gold, Silk, Silver, Velvet
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Stickpin with snake and etui

1832 - 1869
Diamond, Gold, Sapphire
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Ring Leopold I in case donated to Gérard Waefelaer including gift letter

1835 - 1835/05/04 - Conway Edward, Dees Jean Baptiste, Leopold I Leopold, Joris, Christiaan, Frederik van Saksen-Coburg-Saalfeld, Waefelaer Gérard
Brass, Diamond, Enamel (fused coating) , Gold, Leather, Paper, Silk, Silver, Velvet
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Chain of the Saint-Sebastian guild of Herenthout, Guild chain of Reynegom

1740 - 1740 - van Eesbeeck Petrus
Leather, Silver, Velvet
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Ring with portrait miniature

1780 - 1820
Diamond, Glass, Gold, Ivory, Silver
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Portrait miniature in silver case

1830 - 1830, 1832 - 1869
Copper, Ivory, Silver, Watercolors
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1780 - 1780
Diamond, Gold, Silver
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Men's ring

1825 - 1875
Diamond, Emerald, Gold, Silver
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Snuff box

1739-09-30 - 1740-11-29 - Croissant Pierre, Robin Louis
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Pocket watch

1880 - 1934
Enamel (fused coating) , Glass, Gold, Plastic
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1800 - 1900