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Patronage of the King Baudouin Foundation

The collection held in funds administered by the King Baudouin Foundation consists of chefs-d’oeuvre and works which have a special significance for the Belgian heritage. They are examples of great historical importance or artistic value and are often reference works relating to a particular artist, style or period. The large and varied collection includes some 10,000 culturally significant items from a variety of disciplines. Antwerp’s museums boast a number of chefs-d’oeuvre they would not have been able to acquire without the intervention of the Foundation.

We found 4 objects
Uilenbeker Read more

Owl cup

1548 - 1549
Coconut, Silver
Kraantjeskan Read more

Coffee urn

1700 - 1750, 1762/01/01 - 1762/12/31 - Husson Marie-Jeanne
Porcelain, Silver
Tafelmiddenstuk <i>Ondine</i> Read more

Centrepiece Ondine

1958 - 1958 - Wolfers Marcel
Bronze, Plate glass, Shell (animal material), Silver
B512/6_Mechelse_Terrine Read more

Tureen with plate

1782 - 1782 - Hendrickx Johannes Cornelius
Silver, Wood