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Patronage of the King Baudouin Foundation

The collection held in funds administered by the King Baudouin Foundation consists of chefs-d’oeuvre and works which have a special significance for the Belgian heritage. They are examples of great historical importance or artistic value and are often reference works relating to a particular artist, style or period. The large and varied collection includes some 10,000 culturally significant items from a variety of disciplines. Antwerp’s museums boast a number of chefs-d’oeuvre they would not have been able to acquire without the intervention of the Foundation.

We found 7 objects
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Pendant Astronaut

1972 - 1972 - Van Hoeydonck Paul
Gold, Amber
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Bracelet with etui

1869 - Buls Charles Jacques
Gold, Enamel, Diamond, Pearls, Leather, Velvet, Silk
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Brooch en tremblant

1875 - 1900 - Massin Oscar
Silver, Gold, Leather, Velvet, Wood, Cardboard, Silk, Paper
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Diamond cluster ring with locket

1650 - 1680
Gold, Diamond, Enamel
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Pendant 'Luisterlijk cirkelbed' and box

1977 - 1977 - Landuyt Octave
Ivory, Amethyst, Granet, Carnelian, Wood, Velvet, Plastic, Bronze, Paint, Bronze powder, Varnish
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Ring Leopold I in case donated to Gérard Waefelaer including gift letter

1835 - 1835/05/04 - Dees Jean Baptiste, Conway Edward, Waefelaer Gérard, Leopold I Leopold, Joris, Christiaan, Frederik van Saksen-Coburg-Saalfeld
Gold, Silver, Diamond, Paper, Silk, Velvet, Leather, Brass, Enamel
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Demi-parure consisting of a brooch and earrings

1869 - 1877 - Dufour Arthur
Silver, Sapphire, Pearls, Gold, Diamond, Velvet