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Jewelry as a token of love

Giving gifts as a token of our affection is a long established ritual, and jewelry has always been one of the most popular gifts to give and to receive. However, our ancestors sometimes gave each other what may seem to us rather strange mementos. In the nineteenth century a lover’s lock of hair might be integrated into a piece of jewelry.

We found 9 objects
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Diamond cluster ring with locket

1650 - 1680
Gold, Diamond, Enamel (fused coating)
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1800 - 1850
Gold, Hair
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Portrait pendant

1640 - 1660
Diamond, Silver, Gold, Enamel (fused coating)
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Heart-shaped medaillon

1850 - 1870 - Van Herendael Petrus Victor
Diamond, Gold, Silver, Enamel (fused coating) , Glass
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Commemorative medaillon

1780 - 1900
Diamond, Silver, Gold, Glass, Hair
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Portrait casket

1900 - 1910
Gold, Diamond, Emerald
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1790 - 1800
Gold, Pearls, Enamel (fused coating) , Hair, Glass
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Portrait pendant

1801 - 1900
Silver, Photographic paper, Paper, Textile
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Ring of friendship

1700 - 1800