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In name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Ghost

In the past the Church was a very influential institution. Many churches had a large budget at their disposal, which made them important clients for the arts. As well as the church buildings being richly decorated, the priests and members of the congregation regularly commissioned something for themselves to endorse their faith.

We found 10 objects
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Cross pendant

1814 - 1906
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Cross-shaped pendant, Crucifix

1700 - 1700
Diamond, Gold
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Cross-shaped pendant with foliage, Crucifix

1800 - 1850
Diamond, Gold, Silver
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Cross-shaped pendant

1800 - 1800 - Dandelooy Pierre L.
'Rose gold", Diamond, Gold, Silver
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Cross-shaped pendant

1820 - 1820
Diamond, Gold, Silver
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Cross-shaped pendant

1770 - 1770 - Denys Charles
Heilige Geesthanger Read more

Holy Ghost Pendant in case

1640 - 1640
Copper, Gold, Leather, Paper, Pearls, Ruby, Velvet
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Men's ring

1825 - 1875
Diamond, Emerald, Gold, Silver
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Flemish heart surmounted by trophy

1832 - 1869 - Coetermans Henricus Franciscus
Diamond, Gold, Silver
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Cross-shaped pendant, Crucifix

Copper alloy, Diamond, Rock crystal, Silver, Velvet, Wood