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Flower power

Real flowers are beautiful to look at, but they are over so quickly... The solution? Imitate them in metal and precious stones and you can enjoy their splendour for ever. Floral motifs have always been popular in art across continents and cultures. Different meanings were ascribed to the individual sorts of flower. But be careful when interpreting these motifs because their meaning often varied according to the region and the period.

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1820 - 1830
Diamond, Gold, Silver
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Art Nouveau pendant

1900 - 1900 - Van Strydonck Léopold
Gold, Enamel, Diamond, Labradorite, Demantoid
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4 hair ornaments

1999 - 1999 - 'Yi-Pei' Chang Isabelle
Gold, Silver, Diamond
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Parure ‘La Dame aux Camelias’

2007 - 2007 - Ohtsuki Asako
Diamond, Gold, White gold, Pearls