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Contemporary DIVA'S

Jewellery, diamonds and silver continue to inspire!

DIVA wants to stimulate pioneering craftsmanship and creativity through its collections, activities and strategy, and to be the (inter)national promoter of regional innovative talent. In this way, DIVA provides the contemporary creative sector with the inspiration it needs to put Antwerp and Flanders on the map in the future, just as in the past.

For example, DIVA curates the work of contemporary jewellery designers and silversmiths! Below you'll find a number of these special objects from DIVA's collection.

Would you like to admire the pieces in real life?Then visit the permanent collection presentation DIVA, a Brilliant Story!

We found 4 objects
rs140487_s9301302-hpr.jpg Read more

A pair of pepper and salt snakes

1992 - Hammer Suzanne
S0302801 Read more

Urns "L'être apaisé"

2003 - 2003 - Schepens Helena
S0302901 Read more

Urn "Cocon"

2003 - 2003 - Lambert Dries
Ebony, Ivory, Silver
Oloïd <i>Yin Yang Universum</i> Read more

Oloid Yin Yang Universe

2022 - 2022 - Storme Patrick
Fine silver