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Contemporary DIVA'S

Jewellery, diamonds and silver continue to inspire!

DIVA wants to stimulate pioneering craftsmanship and creativity through its collections, activities and strategy, and to be the (inter)national promoter of regional innovative talent. In this way, DIVA provides the contemporary creative sector with the inspiration it needs to put Antwerp and Flanders on the map in the future, just as in the past.

For example, DIVA curates the work of contemporary jewellery designers and silversmiths! Below you'll find a number of these special objects from DIVA's collection.

Would you like to admire the pieces in real life?Then visit the permanent collection presentation DIVA, a Brilliant Story!

We found 47 objects
Sterckshofopdracht 2012: Do not use Read more

Sterckshof commission 2012: Do not use I

2012 - 2012
rs140487_s9301302-hpr.jpg Read more

A pair of pepper and salt snakes

1992 - Hammer Suzanne
P:\MUSAE\beelden\stercksh\zilver\2008\S0802601.jpg Read more

Bookbinding with silver mounts: Silver keys to heaven

2008 - 2008 - Kuyl Joris, Van den Bogaert Wim
Paper, Silver
P:\MUSAE\beelden\stercksh\zilver\2010\S1001801.jpg Read more

Order & Chaos #1

2008 - 2008 - Huycke David
Polyurethaan, Silver, Stainless steel
S10016A1 Read more

Sterckshof commission 2010: Impressions

2010 - 2010 - Vranken Mieke
P:\MUSAE\beelden\stercksh\zilver\2011\S1100602.jpg Read more

Common Bowl

2011/01/05 - 2011/01/05 - Cuyvers Georges, Peteler Micha, Schepens Helena, Tapernoux Annick, Vranken Mieke
P:\MUSAE\beelden\stercksh\zilver\2011\S1100701.jpg Read more

Sterckshof commission 2011: Vases Prelude to a Kiss

2011 - 2011 - Cuyvers Georges
Copper, Silver, Wood
DMK01005_01 Read more

Buttonhole brooch

2000 - 2000 - Simons Liesbet
Cotton, Diamond
DMK01013_01 Read more


2001 - 2001 - Goffa Daniëlle
Aluminium, Diamond, Glass, White gold
Sterckshofopdracht 2013 Read more

Sterckshof Commission 2013: Vase Als de eerste vorst op het water

2013 - 2013
Sterckshofopdracht 2012: Do not use Read more

Sterckshof commission 2012: Do not use

2012 - 2012
P:\MUSAE\beelden\stercksh\zilver\2008\S0802201.jpg Read more

Sterckshof commission 2008: Touche pas aux Fleurs!

2008-05-01 - 2008-09-04 - Mondelaers Iris Constantia Astrid
Rock crystal, Silver, Vermeil
S17001_01 Read more

Necklace Tricolor

2004 - 2004 - Muylaert - Hofman Simonne
Diamond, Gold, Plastic, Silver
S17002_01 Read more

Necklace Happy Couple

2000 - Muylaert - Hofman Simonne
Carnelian, Citrine, Coral, Diamond, Gemstones, Gold, Lapis lazuli, Opal, Ruby, Stone, Tourmaline
S17004_01 Read more


2010 - 2010 - Muylaert - Hofman Simonne
Diamond, Gold, Pearls
S17010_04 Read more

My Fair Diamond - Ring Couronne

2017 - 2017 - Bombeke Pieter, Ceulemans Luc
Diamond, White gold
B552001_01 Read more

Ring Le paradis c'est ici

2018 - 2018 - Zellien Anne
Armband <i>Modular</i> Read more

Bracelet Modular

Thakker Salima
Eighteen-carat gold, Sterling silver
Drie ringen <i>Cycloïdes</i> Read more

Three rings Cycloïdes

Vermandere Peter
Brass, Gold, Sterling silver
S18003_03 Read more

Four butterknives Appetize with case

2006 - 2006 - El-Asmar Nedda
Cardboard, Stainless steel
S20031_031_v Read more

Toothpicks and cups

1992 - 1993, 1993 - 1993, 1994 - 1994 - de Decker Hilde
Paper, Silver, Wood
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