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The animals went in two by two

Courageous as a lion, faithful as a dog, sly as a fox… Over the centuries many animals have been anthropomorphized on the basis of stereotypical traits commonly associated with particular species. However, the symbolism can be changeable, ambiguous or even contradictory, which makes things complicated. For instance, the owl stood for wisdom, but also for foolishness. Make sense of that if you will!

We found 10 objects
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Duck terrine

1723 - 1736
Porcelain, Enamel
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Our Lady with Child and sheep

1675 - 1700 - Willemssens Lodewijk
Tourmaline, Alabaster
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Owl cup

1548 - 1549
Silver, Coconut
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Holy Ghost Pendant in case

1640 - 1640
Gold, Ruby, Pearls, Leather, Velvet, Paper, Copper
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Peacock brooch

1867 - 1867 - Baugrand Gustave
Gold, Pearls, Sapphire, Emerald, Ruby, Diamond
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Art Nouveau comb

1890 - 1910
Gold, Silver, Diamond, Ruby, Opal
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Bracelet / necklace

1860 - 1860
Gold, Enamel, Ruby, Diamond
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Hair ornament in case

1701 - 1800
Gold, Diamond, Ruby, Saffiaan, Silver, Iron
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Stickpin with horsehead and etui

1832 - 1869
Gold, Silver, Velvet, Silk
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Stickpin with snake and etui

1832 - 1869
Gold, Sapphire, Diamond