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Lunden collection

Ardent collector, member of the Committee of the Royal Museums of Art and History, accomplished pianist, plant buff, ‘jonkheer’ by rank… Pierre Lunden (1887-1975) was all of those things. He started off collecting Chinese porcelain, but around 1955 it was domestic, eighteenth-century silver from the Southern Netherlands that began to draw his interest. On his death in 1975, he bequeathed his considerable collection to the Sterckshof. In that way he helped lay the foundations of the Silver Museum and DIVA. All the objects under this topic come from Pierre Lunden’s collection.

We found 6 objects
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Portrait of Isbrand Roos

1639 - 1639 - De Vries Abraham
Oil paint, Wood
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Portrait of Charles van Asten

1825 - 1850
Copper, Glass, Gouache, Paper, Textile
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Portrait of Albéric Lunden

1892 - 1892 - Van Antro A.
Oil paint, Wood
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Portrait of Willem-Frans Lunden

1680 - 1700
Copper, Oil paint, Paper, Shagreen, Steal, Textile
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Scenery with castle

1778 - 1778 - Van Regemorter Pieter
Oil paint, Wood
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View on the Schijn

1780 - 1800 - Van Regemorter Pieter