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Two silver bottle holders, two stopper holders and central octagonal column serving as a handle. Each holder has a square base with undulating contours and bevelled corners. The six legs consist of a curling female herm figure above which a volute and actant decoration. Below the cut-out flat edge a belt frame of ajour sawn-out and engraved akantvolutes; same decoration on the stop holders. Central, rejuvenated column with baluster-shaped base; a leaf ornament engraved around the two buildings on the lower half of the shaft up to the profile frame. As a handle, left and right of the ribbed, semicircular and constricted button, two turned-down small C-volutes, connected at the top to a third, large and horizontal C-volute with pearl ornament on the back (source: Pierre Lunden legacy catalog). (translation)

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Monogram LJvL (?) in uitgesneden omlijsting