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DIVA versus the Gilbert Collection

DIVA’s jewellery collection contains several exceptional portrait miniatures. A ring set with a portrait miniature and old brilliant-cut diamonds derived from a collection belonging to Mrs. Ludo Van den Abeele, which was sold at the Van Herck auction house in Antwerp in 1971. As is often the case with portrait miniatures, there are no clues as to the identity of the lady in question. A British lady sometime between 1780 and 1820? Certainly, Great Britain was an important market for portrait miniatures like this one in that period. But even if it was inscribed, its identification would be a throw of the dice. Who are the Mr. and Mrs. Tilson who were painted by Gervase Spencer (ca. 1715-1763) and Christian Friedrich Zincke (ca. 1683-1767) respectively? Find out in the Masterpieces in Miniature exhibition.

Admire the portrait minatures from the Gilbert Collection here: