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Lamp Hand-Lighthouse

2022 - 2022

First Prize (1st Lions Club Hanau Youth Promotion Prize)

The jury was impressed by the way the Korean designer HyeSun Lee (°1988) transformed a commonplace object into a sculpture. Hand- Lighthouse combines silver with plastic waste from the sea, recycled to create an original object resembling a torch. Lee has been making objects with plastic beach debris since 2016. Responding to the trend for recycling and upcycling, her designs give seemingly worthless and unusable waste materials a new meaning and purpose. Developments such as digitization, globalization and climate change compel designers to go in search of new designs and solutions and to look critically at raw materials. The jury interpreted this light-source object as a warning signal for humanity, in much the same way as a lighthouse warns ships of night-time hazards. Lee is reminding us of our responsibility to treat our environment with respect.

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