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Object Undatio

2022 - 2022

In creations such as Undatio, the Belgian silversmith Helena Schepens (°1981) seeks to express the specific qualities of silver. For instance, the ripples in Undatio demonstrate the way silver catches the light and reflects it. The tiny holes she drilled explore the Japanese aesthetic concept of 'ma', i.e. ‘the interval’ or ‘space in-between’, whereby the empty space is more powerful than what is visible. The space in-between speaks of silence, an almost sacred silence. So for Schepens the shadow cast by this object is as important as the physical object. She achieved it using the pierced openwork technique, cutting away metal with a saw and a drill to create a pattern so intricate that it gives her work a feeling of transparency.

The DIVA museum purchased this work in 2022. Once the travelling Silver Triennial exhibition has come to an end, the bowl will go on display in the museum’s permanent exhibition, A Brilliant Story.

Remember the name Helena Schepens. You will come across more of her work in the museum – in The Atelier.

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